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Free Handed Thoughts was created by child wood prodigy Bryce Paulson. At a very young age he knew that he liked wood. His first words were, "Dovetail joint". When he was four he made a rudimentary stool that blew people's minds. In school he excelled at all wood related classes. He got so good that he actually ended up teaching his teachers about proper wood procurement and procedure. Although he was very talented, he let the hubris of his accolades convince him that he had hit the proverbial ceiling of his craft and had nothing new to learn. During this time, which we shall refer to as,"The Unfinished Perfection Era", he went to university to study a non-wood related major. The action of which caused a ripple in the natural balance of things. With the balance of things not being in sync, Silvanus, the Roman god of the woods, came to Bryce in a dream and told him he must build…primarily with wood. It was then when he came back to his roots and created his wood imagitorium, Free Handed Thoughts. It is in this locale where he arts and crafts his wooden creations and appeases the will of the gods.

Portrait of Bryce Paulsen